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Brief History of TraderMetics

TraderMetrics was developed from a tading simulator called Trader Trainer, first released in 1993. At that time, the forex markets were getting underway in Eastern Europe and the author of the software needed something to demonstrate the practical side of trading to augment the theoretical training for the ACI Diploma

The original program was an Excel add-on, but in 1996, it was rewritten as a Visual Basic application and renamed TraderMetrics. It was thus named, because the statistics obtained from the 'closed loop' environment made it possible to measure trader performance

The system was sold to many banks in 34 countries and became a standard training tool for many banks.(Remember this was in the time before on-line trading). At that time, the system only worked on a user vs. computer basis, but as time went on, a network system was developed

In 2000, the company was sold to SimCorp A/S, a Danish financial software house, where it was massively redeveloped using over $1 million dollars and a team of 8 programmers. Due to a change of strategy, training was dropped by SimCorp, and the software gathered dust until it was re-purchased by the original author

The software is now used on courses for bank- and corporate based traders for Euromoney Financial Training. However, the author, with over 35 years of forex market experience has seen the need to train retail investors in the art of interbank trading, because this is the insight that this sector lacks. That is one of the reasons why the banks and brokers 'clean up' and 90%+ of all non-institutional traders lose

So, traders, poker players and gamers can now experience an actual market without getting their fingers burnt in a fun and highly educational way. There will be many 'a-ha!' experiences.

Yes, it is a game; but one with a rish educational content and fun element

The software is a perfect model and therefore has not been further developed since 2001. There is a more sophisticated version of the server, but the technical requirements are beyond most people. Therefore, the 'old' server is the one that is available for free download, so you can run your own virtual markets and exciting competitions.

Please note that SimCorp A/S has nothing whatsoever to do with the software so PLEASE DO NOT call them for support. All technical support is to be handled via this forum. There are no bug fixes. The software is supplied 'as is'

Since 1993, TraderMetrics has been a great system to work with. Despite changes in the market, it is still extremely relevant. The best traders are ex-interbank and many of those trained using TraderMetrics. We believe that everybody who has an interest in trading, whether forex or equities, bonds or commodities, will derive great benefit from participating in virtual markets

The Metrics

The metrics in TraderMetrics have been designed so that the user and trainer can assess the knowledge retention and progress over a period of time. The various metrics can be stored in a database, so that performance over a period of time can be measured. It is also possible to create a report (manually) of the metrics

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