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What is the TraderMetrics Network Server?

The TraderMetrics Network Server is software that allows a network simulated trading session to run on a local network or the Internet, where users running a licensed-copy of TraderMetrics can log on to a trading session and participate in the 'market'.

There is an administrator interface that lets the session administrate control the session, after first setting up the session parameters. In theory there is no limit to the number of clients or the length of a session, although both may be subject to limitations with the license.

What is a Network Session?

A network session is a simulated trading session set up with some parameters, according to the type of market that is to be modelled.

For example, it could be a session with automated customer orders and the market is supported on a 'crawling' basis. This means that the market will assume a life of its own, depending on the skill and risk appetite of the traders participating in the session.

It could also be a session that is based on synthetic rates

There are many combinations of sessions and skill levels

Optimally, it is a replication of a market with real participants, with price movements that produce chart patterns that are the same as those in the actual markets

User Guide
The following FAQ subjects are arranged in the form of a user guide. The best way to navigate is by moving through the subjects in order, or by searching for a particular subject.

Technical Issues

In this section, you will find items concerning the technical issues of TMNS

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