A word about PayPal

As you see, the payment method for this site is PayPal. The concept is brilliant-I don't have to have merchant accounts with credit card vendors and I can have the money paid out to my bank account here in little ol' Denmark. This has opened many possibilities for doing Internet based cross border business.

It has not been without its problems. I was frankly scared off by all the blag sites about PayPal, claiming that the service was a rip-off. Imaging how I felt when I could not withdraw my funds! Frantic calls to my bank and to PayPal to find out WHY! At one stage I was very frustrated and started to believe those articles.

But then I was directed to a person in PayPal's payment center in Omaha, Nebraska. She proved to be very helpful and we went through the reasons why the payment failed. She eventually tracked it down to an error at PayPal. Now everything works fine.

Some of my clients have also had problems. Having to sign up for Paypal has been a problem, but now that is not necessary - you only have to give up (to Paypal) your name and address. This is, I am sure, for security reasons, of which PayPal seem to be very aware.

I can recommend PayPal for buyers and sellers alike. If you have a business which requires a safe payment system for selling a product or service worldwide, sign up as a merchant by clicking the graphic below. It will really amaze you how you can expand your market

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.