What is this method that will help me profit while giving me a guaranty I won't end up as one of the 90% losers?
It is the Forex Trader Mentor TradeCraft Forex Trading Course.

What is that?
It is course that teaches you a system which will help you, the trader, trade forex with the aim of producing consistent positive results.
How is the course conducted?
One-on-one tuition over the Internet using collaboration tools and Skype, tailored especially to your personal needs..
Why will it guaranty that I will not be one of the 90% who lose their capital?
Because I teach how to manage your capital and look at each trade in terms of probability. The rules are straightforward and strict, so you will not risk more than the amount you have budgeted for. True, you limit the absolute profit you can make, but that is the nature of the game and you will learn how to appreciate the fundamentals.
Why is it 'guaranteed'?
Because if you follow the rules, set stops at the recommended levels and stop trading when the system says so, you will not lose more than the risk amount. Of course, you have to follow the rules!
You talk about 'losing'. What about 'profits'?
What really kills a trader are 'drawdowns' or a run of losing trades. No trader wins on every single trade. In fact, it is possible to have more losers than winners and still make money. The trick is to have small losers and big(ger) winners. A large loss is very much more difficult to recover from. The course will show you how to set a trading 'budget', or the amount of capital you can risk, and based on the trading system utilized, show you through the win/loss probability calculator the estimate of your risk and estimated end-of-period profit.
How do I make trading decisions?
I teach you a system that has been observed to produce consistent results over an extended period. I also teach you the rules and how to put on stops and limits so that you release yourself from emotional involvement with the trade.

I understand that I have to record every trade in the system. Isn't it complex, entering every single trade in this way?
You must treat every trade as a business proposition. Each trade must be planned. Does it meet the trade entry criteria? If you enter trades on a whim, you are not taking it seriously and you will fail.
Why is it important to monitor the data?
Professional traders have to supply very detailed accounts of their performance to have the faintest chance of attracting investor's money. They have to produce data on performance and risk, such as Sharpe Rations, Sortino Ratios, Coefficients of Variation, etc. When you trade with your capital, you are both the investor and the trader. You have to be objective as the investor, which is a tough call. Therefore, it is wise to have an independent source to tell you what these numbers mean to your trading.
What do I do with the results?
When you choose a trading system, you should test it for a prolonged period, by doing trades on a demo system. If your system is robust, it will produce some 'benchmark' numbers. These benchmarks can be used to compare your live trading to, because many traders have great difficulty transitioning from demo trading to live trading. The biggest problem is, in fact, how YOU perform mentally
Where do you come in?
I supply the knowledge and experience to give you the competence and the confidence to trade for profit. You adopt the philosophy and the rules and trade. I am there to hold you to the discipline. I cannot make the trading decisions for you; you are the only one who can do that.
But what if  want something more intensive?
No problem. Over and above the course, which takes your initial knowledge and experience into consideration, you may have as many lessons as you need (against payment!) to get to your goals.
How much will this cost me?
How much are you prepared to invest in your ability to create consistent superior returns? I leave this up to you. Make me an offer. I have limited time, so the best offer gets my attention. Whatever the fee we agree, I won't take it all at the front end. I am so confident that you will see the value of this, that I am prepared to take stage payments. If you don't see the value, you can stop. Can't be fairer than that!
Thats a lot!
Not at all. You could easily lose that in one trade. After working with me I will ensure that your risk is kept to a minimum. Besides, if you really want to make 6 figure income from forex, you have to have a) sufficient capital, b) The drive and the self-knowledge to realize your trading goals and c) intensive knowledge of how to trade. You can't buy the first two, but you can the third, and as with everything of real value, it has a price. Quite honestly, if you think a couple of thousand bucks is too much to invest in your future, don't go anywhere near trading - because you will lose that trading and the only experience you will have is of losing money quickly!
Why can't you be more precise about the cost?
Everyone is different and unlike an academic course, you don't have to pre-qualify. I pride myself on getting the salient points over in the most efficient way, but you may find that you need to go deeper into some of the concepts and in that way, the course is more akin to personal consultation. Everyone has different belief systems, concepts and levels of self-knowledge - why, that's what makes a market!
What about a trading system?
Yes, you still need a system - and a trading plan with rules. I provide you with a system and the rules. After you have been trading some time, you may develop you own system, but you will learn how to test the system before even dreaming of going live.
What is the bottom line for me?
You will learn the principles of trading forex which will allow you to control your risk, be better able to manage your trades and you will become a confident trader and be able to accumulate capital. Your chances of failure will be greatly reduced.
Will you teach me the complete history of forex - all the characteristics of the currency pairs, fundamental analysis and all the technical analysis systems?
That is up to you; however, the core of the course is to teach you how to take money out of the forex market. Knowing these facts will not help you in the short term - you need to know about yourself and you need to know how to assess risk. You need to know how to put on trades and how to exit trades. I can teach you virtually any aspect of the Forex market, but that is above and beyond the content of this course.
I have limited capital and only trade a mini-account. Is this course for me?
Depends on your ambitions. If you dream of unlimited profits from your mini-account -no, this course is not for you. Of course, I will take on anyone who I consider has the mathematical intellect to understand the mechanics of risk and has realistic goals. Ideally, you have enough capital to trade with that makes a USD 1,000-2,000 investment in training worthwhile. You should have had a college education (if only to be able to get your head around the concepts).
Why are you doing this instead of concentrating on trading yourself?
Because I see people being sucked into to forex trading every day with promises of quick and easy profits. There is enough misery around, without people losing their hard-earned savings because of naivety and slick marketing. I want to give back to the market what I have learned. Rational people will do it right and seek expert advice from reliable sources (which, unfortunately, are few and far between in this industry). I am there for them.
How do I sign up?
You can sign up here
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