Download Instructions-Please read
Clicking the continue button below will start the download of TraderMetrics to your PC.

Please check that you are running Windows 98/XP/2000 and that your PC is a Pentium IV or equivalent running at 500 mHz or higher, We recommend that you install to the default directory. If you have not installed TraderMetrics before, there is no requirement to back up files.

Please read the 'readme.txt' file and the TraderMetrics PDF file to learn how to get started. TraderMetrics is a very sophisticated piece of software, so do not be worried that you do not understand all the functionality.

At this stage, you can only start TraderMetrics in 'Stand-alone' mode.

If you are private investor, you will be more familiar with the margin trading interface. There is one important difference from the method of trading you are used to with your broker, in that prices are obtained on a RFQ ("Request For Quote") basis.Note: It makes no sense to start Autotransact in Margin Trading mode!

When the program starts, you will see a 'splash' screen which restricts you from starting for 2 minutes (because it contains important information).

You will also receive a temporary license file for your trial period. This will be attached to an e-mail, so please follow the instructions in that e-mail

If you purchase a licence, the full help system will be available to you, which explains methodology concisely. Please go here to purchase.

The software is sold on an 'as is' basis, so before purchasing, you are advised to run the software and test the basic functionality.

All functionality is present, but there is only a 30 minute evaluation data file supplied. To upgrade, you will need to obtain the Product Identification Code by clicking 'Help, Registration Information'. Please copy and save this number ready to send to us, so that we can send you the license file.

Product Identification Code

Please be aware that this software no longer has any connection for support or sales with the company SimCorp or SimCorp Financial Training.

At the end of the trading session, you should be 'square' (that is all trades closed out). Select 'Program, End Session'. The Session Statistics Viewer will open and you will be able to review your performance and save the statistics.

Disclaimer The information contained herein is not intended to be, and should not be construed as, a recommendation regarding any potential purchase of an investment or the rendering of risk or investment advice. Trading in foreign exchange is a business associated with risk and by entering the site you acknowledge and agree to be fully liable for any actions or investment decisions you make in connection with this site or any linked site.
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